"I’ve always had a fascination for the psychological aspects of life, the reason behind every deed, the definition of the truth. Both in my private and professional life I constantly analyse the border between subjective and objective, individual and collective; illusion and reality”. 

Dellfina is a multimedia artist, a stipendist of the Ministry of Culture and the National Heritage. In her works she explores the innermost areas of human nature, focusing often on sexuality, especially in a context of identity, emotionality and self-acceptance. Very often she uses her own body as a medium.

She also works as a journalist, creative producer, screenwriter and social video director. She often collaborates with various human rights and public interest organisations. To promote sexual health and wellbeing, she co-created femmera.com, first online social networking service for women, focused on exploration and development of their sexuality (closed in 2015). Among the supporters were Betty Dodson and  Cindy Gallop. She also created and hosted well known programs for TV, Radio and the Internet on the subject.

2001-2009 she was working with a Swedish artist, actor and musician Thomas Dellacroix. Combining his interest for history with her fascination with human nature, they created their own utopian world, where they balanced on a thin boarder between reality and illusion. By re-enacting different personalities and historical events they explored subjects like fame, image and originality in context of collective memory and popular culture.

Dellfina lived lived and worked in London, Barcelona, Stockholm, and Paris. Presently she is based in Warsaw.

Fun facts: (1) D&D had a band ”Dejavu”, performing english adaptation of Serge Gainsbourg songs. Songs were produced (for real) by an A-list producer, who prefers to stay anonymous. (2) Dellfina was a model for Ellen von Unwerth (3) Large format self-portraits of Dellfina were used  as a sole stage sets for Don Giovanni, Folk Operan production, Stockholm. (4) Dellfina was an elite gymnast performing for 9 years artistic gymnastics and acrobatic gymnastics. (5) She was a Muse and a model for the Nenukko’s “Full Circle” collection, premiered on the Tokyo Fashion Week, fall 2018.

Selected one man shows:
2018 “Power games”, Mokotow/s-ka Gallery, Warsaw
2016 “What a beautiful end of the world”, Pies czy Suka gallery, Warsaw,
2013 "The Mirror has two sides", Check Point Charlie gallery, Berlin
2013 “I love my vagina”, Exclusivitäten, Berlin
2012 "Embodiments", Soho Factory, Warsaw
2012 "Perfect Lover", Tacheles Art Center, Berlin
2011 "Self portraits of others", Fahlnaes gallery, Gothenburg
2011 “What you think you become”, Entropia gallery, Wroclaw
2011 “Perfect lover”, Pomada Queer festival, Warsaw
2010 “What you think you become”, Art New Media gallery, Warsaw
2010 “Ap-Art”, Final Gallery, Malmö
2008 “X-POSED”, Utställningssalongen, Stockholm
2008 “Self portraits of others”, Sundsvall Photo Museum
2007 “Is art dead?  Deborah Zafman gallery, Paris
2007 “X-posed”, Marcel Strouk, Rive Gauche gallery, Paris
2006 “Reality & Illusion”, Fahlnaes gallery, Gothenburg
2006 “Reality & illusion”, Picassomio gallery, Barcelon
2005 “Reality & illusion”, Picassomio gallery, Madrid
2003 “Give peace a chance, or have a nice war”, Kowasa gallery, Barcelona
2002  Selected works, Immendorf Studio, Dusseldorf
2001  DAM [Digital Art Museum], Berlin 

Selected group shows:

2018 “Between Salvation and Constitution”, BWA Warszawa gallery, Warsaw

2018  Mood Concept Design Fair, Vivid gallery, Warsaw
2015 “Divas”, Pleasure Poster Magazine Exhibition, Miłość, Warsaw
2015 "Blood and Women", Artistania Atelier, Berlin
2013 "Embodiments", U-Gallery, Stockholm
2011 “Sex”, Pleasure Poster Magazine Exhibition DAP, Warsaw
2009  Ricart gallery, Miami
2008  Art Basel 08, Arno Valere gallery, Miami
2008  The 10th anniversary of the Sundsvall Photo Museum      
2008 “Working class hero is something to be”, Avesta Art Biennale, Museum of Contemporary Art, Avesta
2007“Self portraits of others”, Fahnlaes gallery, Gothenburg
2007 “RAW GOO”, Deborah Zafman, Paris
2007 "Personne/Personalité", M2N Gallery, Paris
2004 “Hype Gallery”, Palais de Tokyo, Paris
2004  Contemporary Art Auction, Million&Associes, Paris (record sale)
2003  FAD, Barcelona, Spain

Selected festivals and art fairs:
2011 “Art Inn”, Contemporary Art Fair, Warsaw
2011 “What you think you become”, Warsaw Festival of Art Photography
2011 “I’m abnormal II” - Festival, Poznań
2010 “I’m abnormal” - Festival, Berlin
2008 “International photo & video Fair”, Carlton Hotel, Cannes
2008 “Art –DC”, Washington Convention Centre. USA
2006 “Art Paris”, Grand Palais, gallery Rive Gauche, Paris
2007 “Transphotographiques” International Foto Festival, Lille
2004 “Les Inattendus,” International Contemporary Art Fair, Espace Charenton, Paris
2004 “Third International Festival of Photography in Lódź, Poland

Selected publications:
I-D Magazine , Poland

Pleasure Poster Magazine, Divas issue, Poland
Mein lesbisches Auge, 12/13, Germany
Furja, Poland
Pleasure Poster Magazine, Sex issue, Poland
Vogue, photo session of the Paradise Found Collection, Italy
Sang Bleu, issue III/VI, France
Muse magazine, Italy
Photoicon, issue 6, UK
Foto, issue 6, cover, Poland
Foto, issue 7, cover, Poland
Eyemazing, issue nr 1, Sweden
El Pais, la cultura, Spain

Selected books and catalogues:
Power Games, Mokotow/s-ka Gallery, Warsaw
Pere&Mere, curator Yves Haddad, Edition de la Martiniere
AP ART, Galery Final, Malmo
Illusion&Reality, Le livre d‘art
Atomic Love, Le livre d‘art
Is art dead?, Deborah Zafman Gallery, Le livre d‘art
X-posed, Galerie Rive Gauche, Le livre d‘art
The Design of dissent, Pockport Publishing
Peace Signs-the anti war movement illustrated

2013 Scholarship of the Ministry of Culture and the National Heritage in Fine arts for the project:  “Power Games”

 Photo: Filip Zubowski

Photo: Filip Zubowski